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  • Gohst

    BlockAttack - Rise of the Blocks is a game, yes, which features blocks and largely centers around the revolution of those blocks into groups of three or more. Said groups can be aligned either vertically or horizontally. Diagonals, or building a square of them does not work.

    There are many different modes, such as time attack, endless and vs. modes. The computer has seven different difficulty settings ranging from very easy to hardest and on top of that, both human players (if you choose to play against a person) have customisable controls. One could describe this game for days on end by only describing the options and without going near what the game is actually about. And since I did that in the opening paragraph, I won't repeat myself.

    Needless to say, it's quite an impressive package. The gameplay is surprisingly fast once it gets going and the additionals are simply amazing. Recommended for puzzle gamers and people who like to tweak their experience.