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  • Rekall

    Lure of The Temptress was Revolutions very first game and it was started in 1989. Now, Revolution has released their first project as freeware.

    Made by the same people who brought us “Beneath a Steel Sky”, Lure of The Temptress really is an amazing game.

    You play the role of Diermot, a humble man living in a peaceful kingdom until he was conscripted to the king’s army. It turns out that the King had received news of a revolt initiated by the apprentice sorceress Selena. The King was not a lazy chap so he went off to settle the uprising.

    Expecting to be met by villagers with pitchforks, instead you and the King encounter gargoyle like creatures known as “The Skorl”.
    The King and all his men were killed but you fell off your horse and got knocked unconscious and you awaken as the prisoner of the evil sorceress Selena.

    Here your quest starts: First escape from prison and then find a way to bring order back to the kingdom. Your adventure game collection is incomplete without this game.

    Important: When the game first begins, move the cursor to the menu at the top of the screen and RESTART the game. This bypasses the copy protection system.

  • Kilgore

    I had this game when it was originally released and had hours of satisfying gaming from it.

    Frustratingly hard in places but not to the point of giving up. Good storyline and subtle use of humour help to move the game along. I have long considered this a bit of a classic and have been keeping an eye out for a re-release or sequel.

    Very pleased when I found this download.

  • Happy as Larry

    What a classic game, anyone into gaming will always remember The Lure of the Temptress. Fighting and shoot me up games will come and go, but this will remain the best for many years yet.

  • Person

    I don't like this game at all. Yeah ok, yell at me, but casual gamers stay away.

    Hardcore adventure fans can get this, though.