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  • Gohst

    Far Start is a game, similar, in style to Space Invaders but with a few differences, for example, the enemies are seemingly random and never-ending.

    The graphics are OK in this game, the enemy ships are all pretty much individual except they don’t contrast well with the background which, at times, makes them difficult to see.

    The game play is a bit slow, though. The enemies are pretty uninteresting in that mostly they all just drop straight down at you, so clearing a path straight through them is relatively easy.

    The sounds are pretty dull, for the most part, but the music is kind of exciting, though it’s a pity the game play doesn’t match the music, so it seems out of place.

    On the whole, this is a game which could have been much better than it is, and is, sadly quite boring. Though it isn’t entirely completely bad, it’s just not hard to find a better game around.