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  • Tmlfan

    As an "older" gamer, I look for games that test the mind more then the reflexes. There are many Mastermind clones on the net but this one has the polish of a commercial product. There are three levels of difficulty, the ability to play solo or against another person and several options that allow you to adjust the look and music of the game.

    I try a lot of freeware games and have a CD of my favorites. Absolute Mastermind has found a permanent place on that CD and is one of my top 10 freeware favorites. A must download.

  • Charlie Stone

    Although I would prefer it to be adaptable for various screen resolutions, I still think that this is one of the best graphics in similar games. Possibility of cloning the rows adds up to overall excellency. Best marks to both authors!

  • Acidic's picture

    Look at the screen shot for this game, come on look at it... The graphics in this game are great and it is this feature that sells it.

    It has three difficulty levels, multiplayer option and a number of skins.

  • Robert M Juresic

    I like the total amount of colors and places. It is an all in one Mastermind game. You won't need another.

  • Kurniawan

    Best freeware puzzle game.

  • Anonymous

    awesome game!!