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  • Gohst

    The Will II: The Castle is an interesting point-and-click adventure game where your aunt has left 10 jewels in her will and you must find them hidden in her castle in order to strike it rich.

    The graphics in this game are typical point-and-click style graphics – one background per location, a mouse pointer and that’s about it. No animations, just different stages of background image development. But that’s fine, it’s worked before and it works here.

    Finding the jewels is your ultimate goal, well, it’s your only goal and these jewels are incredibly well hidden. At first it seems that the game is pretty easy but after not very long at all you find the game increasing in difficulty, which is what every good game of this genre does.

    The music is absent, and you don’t need it anyway so it doesn’t really matter and there are the occasional sounds which aren’t distracting and keep you in the mood and spirit of the game.

    In conclusion, if you like point-and-click games; check out this one, its simple story is quite deceiving and can be quite difficult to play. Enjoy.

  • GenoStar

    The main problem with this game is that in several areas you have to do things that make little or no sense. In other words, you have to use every item on every other item and then use every item on every object.

    It requires no logical thinking to win the game.

  • Mojo

    It's really quite difficult but it has a lot of game play, thats my favorite part about it. It's so small and convenient.

    Good for those with slow computers.