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  • Gohst

    Sometimes it takes a game like Run Man to really make you think. Games don’t need to be detailed over analysed pieces of art. You don’t need complex strategies or games with 9 CD’s worth of data to make them good. All you need is game play. Simple, pure, honest game play and people will come back time and time again to play.

    Run Man is a breath of fresh air. All you do is run, you press up and down and that’s it. A game like this doesn’t come along often, just a game which doesn’t take itself seriously and puts game play and fun in front of excessive load times and hassles.

    The graphics are not near perfect and they don’t need to be. After playing games where every detail has been fussed over it’s a blessing and a joy to find a game where the graphics have been done and left there to just be almost decoration to the game play, which is incredibly fun.

    OK, so onto the game itself, basically there are three types of obstacles: jumps, rolls or walks. That’s all you can do in this game. There are one’s to jump and one’s to roll under, their appearance should be self explanatory as to which is which, and you press either up or down to jump or to roll. After a while the game speeds up and it becomes really hectic trying to keep up with all of the jumps and rolls. At about halfway through the night level it should be clear how fun this game is and how simplicity, at the end of the day, really makes a game more fun to play. There is nothing complicated about this game. It’s merely pure fun and nothing more, and it doesn’t try to be, which makes it absolutely refreshing.

    I highly recommend this game to you, I know you will find something to like about it.

  • Anonymous

    Run man is awesome! It takes up a whole day of borinnng suummer vaction!


    It's alright, I guess.