• Gohst

    The Sailor Moon franchise is an extremely popular children's television show from Japan. As with most cartoons aimed at children, it has attracted a large following of people who should really know better. From one of them comes a dating simulator starring one of the characters.

    As with other dating sim games, please don't mistake this for real life or use it as a guide for successful dating. No date ever goes like any of the ones in this game. For example, no date, no matter how successful has resulted in either party gaining five thousand dollars at the end. Each day you gain five grand with which to buy extravagant gifts. These gifts make her happy and also reduce the length of the date considerably, which is good, because she is boring.

    Try as I might, I can't treat this game kindly in order to not offend Sailor Moon fans. Both characters (you and the girl) are exceptionally dull and being nice results in exactly nothing. The dates continue day after day with mindless repetition and she continually cuts them short with no warning or ceremony. Attempting to follow the game accurately and get her on a date is just painfully difficult and you'll find yourself picking the wrong answer to her inane questions just for something to happen.

    If you can keep your focus and repeat your answers to the same questions, there is a chance you may successfully get her in the end. For the rest of us, it's just a game which is too dull, too long and way, way too awkward. Avoid this game if you're not a Sailor Moon fanatic.

  • Robert

    Its great. But gets boring after awhile.

    To change almost everything in the game, edit the readme files.
    Change the prices of the items. You can also change the things the girl should tell you. But remember: cheaters never win!