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  • Gohst

    A game where you drive a car, collecting tokens along the way. Sounds like fun. Only in this game, you are driving two dozen cars at once.

    The trick is trying not to drive the swarm as one being. If you wait for the stragglers, you will fall behind. Then again, if you race ahead, your swarm will become detatched and lost.

    Finding a personal balance between speed and efficiency is a key part of this game. Remembering that only one "bee" needs to touch a diamond for it to be collected is helpful, too. Don't drive the entire swarm just to get one.

    Although there is just over a half-dozen tracks included in the game (plus a few bonus tracks) the variety shown in just those handful is enough - coupled with three trophies to win on each stage, you'll be coming back for many more re-plays.