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5 Days a Stranger Download

  • Developer: Ben 'Yahtzee' Croshaw
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
  • Tags: Point And Click
5 Days a Stranger

5 Days a Stranger puts you in the shoes of a master cat burglar, Trilby.

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  • Zack

    I do love computer games, mostly from Acid-Play, since they always have some of the greatest games i have played. I also do enjoy puzzle, and arcade games, as they do have a lot of history in the game catagory.
    As my gaming expierences increases per day, I see some bad, mostly bad graphic's types games, and I do see some great games, such as Assult Cube, and Stick Soldiers Two.
    Now back to the game:

    This game places you in a Theif's eyes, and body. Learn how to think like a theif, look like a theif, and of course act like one. You're in a mansion, which you break into, and then you notice you're actually locked into the whole mansion. So, you must, talk to the people inside the mansion to find clues on how to get out, and then explore the mansion, look in the rooms, look outdoors too.
    And of course, lets not forget, you must look into drawers and closets. Remeber, you can ask for clues in the mansion, and Outside the mansion.

    There are some bad sides to the game, and those are:
    1. This game has terriable graphic's, but I must confess I do sometimes love the old fasion graphic's.
    2.It can be quite hard at times, but hey, that's what makes the game. :-)

    In conclusion, i give this game a 5.2/10, and I do suggest you who are interested in simple graphic's to download this game. I do believe you will like this game. (70% chance)

    Now that you have read my, and others review, why not give it a try, and download it?

  • Rekall

    5 Days a Stranger puts you in the shoes of a master cat burglar, Trilby. The game starts as you prepare to break into a huge mansion, which you think is empty and ready to be looted. Once you break into a window on the second floor you start to realize that things aren’t as straightforward as you had thought.

    You will have to use your wits and cunning to safely escape from the mansion. There are many other characters that you meet within the mansion and you will have to form friendships and search for clues in order to find a ways out of your new prison.

    5 Days a Stranger is a beautiful point and click adventure game created in the ever-popular Adventure Game Studio. This gives the game a good solid interface. The graphics have been expertly rendered to give a feel reminiscent of the early Monkey Island titles.

    If you are an adventure fan who likes to submerse yourself in a game, then 5 Days a Stranger should be right up your alley.

  • CatzChiqe

    I have tried AND(!) tried... I am stuck in on this part where I cannot proceed. I have done what it says and I've looked at many walkthroughs! But the result is always the same. I get the salty bear, swing it over Mathews bed, knock down the wall in the kitchen and go into the cellar. To begin with the teddy didn't tell me where to go, and I have probably walked all around and through the cellar but the object NEVER GLOWS! Some sort of error maybe? I have done this 3 times already with different saves but it is well and truely stuffed. PLEASE help if you know anything! I have given up but have longed to see the ending. In the end it is a very good game. But it is error prone and unfinishable. A very dissapointing game.

  • Adriancurrier

    What this game is missing in visual appeal (although not horrible) it more than makes up for in a deeply immersive plot and creepy experience. Although I don't like horror genres in games, this is an exception. Play this at night for best effect.

    Perfect music, very interesting story--it's unlikely that you'll abandon this game because of boredom. The most disappointing point about this game to me was the ending, which seemed too sudden and... full of cheesy dialogue. It wasn't horrible, though. The sequel is just as good, set in a sci-fi spaceship setting.

    The fact that this was made by one guy with Adventure Game Studio amazes me. Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw is indeed a game-designing genius.

  • Alan

    5 Days a Stranger seemed like a basic point and click game at first glance. I downloaded it, expecting to be through the entire thing in about a half an hour. I was wrong.

    When this game begins, it seems like a basic game with a basic story but it is far from that. The first day is slow, but soon the story becomes excellent. During the game, you will constantly wonder who or what is in the house with the rest of the bunch, and you will not be dissapointed.

    With an excellent story, and pretty cool looking graphics, you can't go wrong with 5 Days a Stranger.

  • Yankee Boy

    In 5 Days a Stranger, you assume the role of Trilby, a professional cat burglar. You attempt to break into a certain mansion belonging to its recently deceased heir, but find that getting in is a great deal easier than getting out.

    Although at first, it seems like a harmless prank, time may prove that the truth is pointing in a different direction.

    You must work your way through a variety of different fixes to escape the clutches of this mysterious house and the various other problems that you may run into.

  • Anonymous

    @CatzChiqe: I seemed to be stuck in the same spot, but being reluctant to seek walkthroughs, I first made a stop at the game's website where I noticed a screenshot pointing me in the right direction.

    The trick is apparently to repeatedly look at the "compass" from different areas of the room in question. That's how you'll be able to home in on the right spot. It's not a bug, and the game does not deserve a 'zero' rating at all.

    Good luck.

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