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Out Of Order Download

  • Genre: Adventure
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
  • Tags: Point And Click
Out Of Order

Out of order puts you through an extraordinary day in the ordinary life of Hurford Schlitzing

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  • Acidic's picture

    Out of order puts you through an extraordinary day in the ordinary life of Hurford Schlitzing. It starts, as so many games before it, with a storm, but do not be fooled tis no ordinary storm. You, as Huford, find that the storm has transported you to alien like world.

    Your quest (it is customary for adventure games to have a quest) is to escape from this world. On your way you solve puzzles, talk to strange aliens, humans and robots and in general discover why you where chosen to be in the world you now find yourself.

    The puzzles are at times really difficult, make sure you don’t miss a thing look, touch and talk to everyone and everything.

    The game has two major strong points being its graphics and its humour, both are especially good, even on a commercial game scale. The story, in my opinion, falls a little flat towards the end. It seems rushed almost as if it was written in exam conditions (you know when you have to write the end to your story in the last 5 minutes before pens-down) but don’t get me wrong! The other 95% of the storyline is great and it is definitely number 3 on its list of strong points.

    There is absolutely no way you will be disappointed with Out Of Order, its +-12 hours of perfectly bug free game play.

  • Cool intro and even better outro!

    Funny story and even funnier dialogs!

    Graphics are good, regarding the number of developers.

    Unfortunately, some puzzles are too difficult to solve (for me, at least), but after cheating one or another puzzle, I kept adventuring on my own.

    Great game!

  • Neutrral/Acid

    Yeah... the game kicks butt. The file is small yet comes with excellent graphics! Really weird graphics. The storyline is quite short and has a weird ending. You might need walkthrough playing this weird game. However, this game rocks big time!

  • Ian

    I got about halfway into the game (the part where you're supposed to make a copy of the CD) and I got stuck, so I read a walkthrough for it. I followed the walkthrough's instructions exactly and it didn't work, meaning the game is glitched.

  • Paul J

    This game was great... it gave me about 5 hours of fun. The ending wasn't so great but all in all it's a good game for free. If you get stuck there are walkthroughs out there.

  • SpiriT

    This is a tough game, which requires a lot of patience. The dialogues are funny and the graphics are all pretty cartoon like but great. The gameplay is good and unique.

  • Tina

    Wow this game rocks big time... the puzzles are really tricky... but the graphics are excellent and the doc's really funny... overall its an excellent game... :)

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