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Alice Amazed Download

  • Developer: Michi
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Alice Amazed

Help Alice out of a maze in this fantastic game made for the OneSwitch competition.

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  • Gohst

    In Alice Amazed, you take the role of Alice, and it appears she is stuck in Wonderland. Fortunately home is very close; only one maze is in her way.

    This maze is not going to be easy to cross, there are tablets, chests, that rabbit is sneaking about and yes even that Cheshire cat is about.

    This game is absolutely amazing; from start to finish there is just a non stop stream of activities, puzzles, mini games and more. You play against the rabbit who is also trying to get home or you can play two player mode.

    In Alice Amazed it's the mini games which make this spectacular. Each one is fun, vibrant and exciting. The object of all of them is to get the most points, once you do that, on the main map you can collect your key then begin the task of getting Alice to her home.

    There are many skill levels you can play at; ranging from quite simple to amazingly difficult which means there is something of value here for every one.

    Alice Amazed is really an amazing game and you should play it immediately because it is really, really worth it.

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