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Dink Smallwood Download

  • Genre: Adventure
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Dink Smallwood

A classic adventure game of a peasant who wants to prove he is a hero

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  • Parasol

    This game is just great! It has lots of humour, and it's not too difficult, but at the same time hard enough so you don't get bored.

    You can fight monsters and use the money that was in their bellies to buy better weapons, and use them to kill more monsters. But that's not all! You can hit on your aunt, save a population from a famine by roasting their gods and rescue little girls.

    You have to do certain things to get to the next area, and there are other things to do as well. You can also learn magic(or buy it), which earns some plus points in my opinion. All the events are constructed logically after one another, which is vital. You can also level up and so increase your abilities by getting experience.

    The best feature is the editor, where you can make your own add-ons. You can also get some of these online at One of them is even bigger than the actual game.

  • TrustMyWords

    Don't be fooled by the size of the game - 25MB. This game is one of the best games ever created.

    First of all, the storyline is somewhat perfect. It's about the adventure of a pig farmer who wants to prove he's a hero. The storyline is kinda sad and touching. Seriously. But real funny in an unusual kind of way. When you reach the end of the game, you'll feel very satisfied for you are now a warrior.

    Talk about the gameplay, there aren't many buttons for you to press. Only one button for attack, one button for magic attack, one button for map, one button to talk/examine, and arrows to move. You'll learn magic skills and buy new swords or bows through the adventure. Besides, you can even buy bombs.

    What can I say, Dink Smallwood is a game you don't wanna miss. Short but perfect. Two thumbs up!

  • Acidic's picture

    A classic adventure game of a peasant who wants to prove he is a hero. It has all the features of an adventure game, level ups, spells, weapons, storyline etc. The game comes with an editor and maps and players can be downloaded off the Internet which means potentially infinite replayability.

    A warning: this game has a rather strange sense of humor which won’t appeal to all players, but if you have a sick twisted sense of humor it will keep you laughing for hours.

    Dink Smallwood used to be a commercial game, which usually guaranties good quality and in the case of Dink Smallwood this guaranty is fulfilled. Download it if you don’t mind the large file.

  • Grundoko

    This game addicted me and my friends for a long time.
    We downloaded mods, to make the game even better, and this game kept us playing for months. I love the oddball humor, and the simple controls.

    The game gets much more fun when you use mods, because you can go to lands unseen in the original, see weapons unseen, see NUKE LAUNCHERS.
    And also you get the advantage of being able to play the game over and over again with different story, weapons, and worlds.

    This is a must download, so please scroll up to the top, and click the DOWNLOAD button. If you take my advice, you'll thank me later.

  • Carl

    This is an amazing game! i first played the demo about 6 years ago at a friends house. The dim memory I had of it was driving me insane trying to find it again. But finally, after many years, I have found it.

    This is an instant classic. It has action and an intriguing story line, plus a bizzare sense of humour, which is what I think seals the game as 100%.

    It also includes an editor so you can make your own mods for it. I had fun doing the tutorial and making objects say things, but that was as far as my technical knowledge went (you should know some C++ to do it). get the game!

  • Prashanth

    Though the graphics may not be what exactly you want, but it has a lot of action and puzzle solving. Yes, that's what makes it the most interesting.

    Simple controls and for you to find the way to move ahead. There is a site which has many additional maps as well as additional adventures.

    But the original game simply rocks! You literally become a hero from a pig farmer... and there is a lot of interaction.

    Download it, or you don't have a clue what you're missing!

  • Lickuid Steal

    Dink Smallwood is an awesome game, that which I haven't seen since Mario, with an advanced sense of humour and as an RPG - always an awesome game. The only downfalls to this game are the way he walks, holds swords, and his hair.

    Also, Seth, the boss, needs some work. In a walkthrough I read after beating the game, it said that the boss would be downright impossible to beat without the best weapon. He couldn’t even hit me and I used a light sword.

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