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Pleurghburg: Dark Ages Download

  • Developer: gaspop
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Pleurghburg: Dark Ages

GasPop's first AGS adventure which broke all the records

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  • Rekall

    Pleurghburg: Dark Ages is GasPop’s first big project and it really was worth the wait. This game is running on the Adventure Game Studio (AGS) engine and won just about every award at the 2001 AGS awards.

    You play police detective Jake McUrk. Due to extreme police corruption, the citizens of Pleurghburg got rid of the police force and established the PDA (Police Detective Agency).

    Crime dropped by 50% since the new law enforcement… until now. Jake gets thrown into a whirlpool of murder and betrayal and it’s up to you to bring order back to Pleurghburg.

    The games graphics, storyline, music and gameplay are all excellent and you will see where the game won all it’s accolades from. For it’s small size and amazing gameplay, it is definitely worth downloading.

  • Mr. Kai

    I like this game a lot, although the puzzles get harder and harder to solve along the way.

    But the gameplay is fairly easy, and if you are a "thinker", things will eventually fall in it's right place if you work hard enough.

    A lot of back an forth though, and that's the thing I'm not the biggest fan of. "Pleurghburg: Dark Ages": A fun and exciting game!

  • Bob nevin

    Slow. Boring. Tedious. The same actions must be repeated over and over again. Most scenes are dead ends and do little to advance the story. The music was annoying.

  • Jaralexe

    The game is very solid and the game play is the coolest I've ever seen. Download it now!

  • Zannii

    This game will rock your socks off.

  • Anonymous

    i love the game!

  • Nicholas

    It rocks!

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