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Janitor Dan The Spaceman Download

  • Developer: groovy lime
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Janitor Dan The Spaceman

Fly through space and clean toilets, avoid robots, gain points and polish mirrors!

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  • Gohst

    Janitor Dan is what every game should be. A little bit retro a little bit modern and fantastic graphics cool gameplay and a brilliant tongue-in-cheek attitude.

    You play as Janitor Dan who needs to earn enough money to get by. Unfortunately the only thing left to do is clean space stations, you are equipped with a plunger, a squeegee, a vacuum cleaner and a mouse trap. Of course, cleaning space stations is not as easy as it sounds. Space stations in the future are equipped with modern intruder alarms and security systems and in your quest to clean the toilets you might find yourself under attack and cleaning for your life! And as a little extra, you can sleep on the couches – just like a real janitor!

    While the pace here is not frantic, it has suited itself well to what it is. As I mentioned before, the graphics here are superb. For instance you can see yourself in the mirrors once you’ve cleaned them. This is among many little details that make this game great.

    Possibly the best thing about this game is it dispenses with the normal linear game play which would normally take over a game like this as you pick which level to clean next by flying through space. As if cleaning wasn’t hard enough, in space you have to avoid the hazards of space pirates and meteor showers as you try, quite peacefully, to get to your next mission.

    There are three janitors you can choose from, the main being Dan (the man) and there is another, Pearl (the girl) and if you don’t fit these two categories, try Doug (the slug).

    A few things are kinda annoying about the game: The flying in space is a little confusing, especially when going left because your menu screen blocks your view, and bonus health is sparse especially on the beginner levels and there seems to be no bonus lives to pick up along the way. And occasionally you’ll be hit by something as you’re trying to unblock a toilet or clean a mirror, which is frustrating. And there is no way to save.

    But with all this in mind I think you’ll find Janitor Dan the Spaceman a very worthwhile game to download as its fun, challenging and always entertaining. Especially if you enjoy a nice game with a retro feel and a fun quirky twist to it.

  • Sawyer

    Janitor Dan the Spaceman is a good classic type side scroller with a modern comic edge. Good game, brings back memories of my Commodore 64 days. It's also a pretty challenging game - a keeper.

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