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Zelda Classic Download

  • Developer: armageddon games
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Zelda Classic

Zelda Classic is a remake and tribute Nintendo's 1986 game Legends Of Zelda.

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  • Bowser

    now like some people im not too familiar with zelda but MAN IM HOOKED
    great clone best tribute you could give im not a brainiac with storyline but this game helped a lot the only zelda game i own is
    hourglass on the ds im not comparing the two but this tribute has the feeling you get when you play an nes a classic charm few games give out if your sorta not familiar like me whith the whole zelda storyline DOWNLOAD THS NOW!!!! i highly reccomend this im not going on about the storyline but the gameplay will have you hooked this game isnt just for die hard fans but newcomers of zelda aswell
    great game get it honestly you wont regret it and to be honest downloading its easier than tracking down a console whith the copy of the game good luck have fun on it if you choose to use itand thx to the guy who made it bye!!!

  • Acidic's picture

    Its amazing to what lasting appeal some games can have. The Legend of Zelda, of which Zelda classic is a remake, was made all the way back in 1986 and today the Zelda game series it practically a household name.

    Zelda classic stays true to The Legend of Zelda, every aspect of the game has been accurately recreated.

  • Anonymous

    At first I couldn't download the game, as my Firefox browser kept trying to save the EXE file as an HTML file. Then I attempted to save the file using IE, which worked, but now the game won't play. I don't know if it's because I have Vista or what, but the game doesn't even come with a WinSetup file, (and yes, I downloaded the Windows version) so since I've gone through so much trouble and still can't play it, I therefore decide that this game sucks.

  • Silentstriker

    This is the perfect clone of the original game, and it even comes with a custom quest creator which is a little bit confusing, but is easy once you figure it out. But the game itself is amazing, so if you dont have the time to play it on your NES, play it on your PC! No emulators required! I think the best thing about this game is that it's still the same as the original, the music is sharp, the graphics don't jiggle, and the gameplay is awesome.

  • José António

    Here it is... the best game ever created, I speak as a Zelda maniac, I always played Zelda since I remember, I have all the games of Legend of Zelda, why shouldn´t I have the very first game? Once again we play in the skin of our friend Link, the Hero of Time, the objective? To defeat the evil Ganon. Thank you Acid-Play for bringing this master piece to light.

  • AJ_Letson

    From the moment I downloaded Zelda Classic two years ago, I knew I was playing a truly great game. The gameplay found in the basic game is true to the original Legend of Zelda for NES, and the extensive custom quest database found on the site makes this a must-have. The additions of an optional magic meter, hookshot, and updated graphics add to the excellence.

  • LoboKhan

    This is the exact copy of the original Nintendo game "The Legend of Zelda".

    It's incredible how perfect it is. I played though the entire game and if there's anything different from the NES version I didn't notice it.

    Armeggeddon games - please do Super Mario Bros as perfect as you did this.

    In the words of Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb - a 6 out of 5

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