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  • Developer: herculean effort productions
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
  • Tags: Point And Click

In Apprentice, you play the unlikely hero Mortimer

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  • Rekall

    In Apprentice, you play the unlikely hero Mortimer "Pib" Pibsworth. This game is right up there with the best of them. Compared to Pleurgburgh on occasion this game has the perfect blend of humour, puzzles, gameplay and graphics.

    The graphics and background textures are cartoonish and fun. A lot of time has been put into the artwork of this game.
    Although not a particularly long adventure game, Apprentice hits all the right buttons with amazing accuracy, making this one of the hottest Adventure Game Studio games out there.

  • Sandman

    This is a very nice adventure game with good drawings, animation and music. The puzzles are clever but the adventure is a little short. I highly recommend to download the deluxe version of this game, which has the characters speaking. The speaking is very well done and really enhances the game. It is a 25MB download though. The deluxe version isn't on Acid-Play but can be found on the authors homepage:

  • Jordan

    I'm not really into RPGs and after barely even playing the game, I decided it wasn't my type. I probably should of given it a chance, but the fact that it didn't have any music or sound was kind of annoying.

    I heard it was funny, but I didn't get far enough in the game and I was kind of impatient to wait through what seemed like hours of talking between the characters.

    Try it out and post a report up here on it to influence me to give me another chance.

  • Neutral/Acid

    It's a great game. I've been playin it non-stop. Until I noticed that i finished it. Yes - a really sweet, short game.

    However, all you high-speed internet people out there - it is advised to download the deluxe version because it contains a speech pack to make the game even more fun.
    I don't know if there is any deluxe version on Acid-Play.
    If none, Google it.

  • Lisa Leonard

    I thought this game was really good. The ending was totally unexpected and pretty funny. It was also a pleasant surprise to read the name of a certain person who did one of the voices. I would like to play more games like this one and I will promote this game as well as the site. Thanks for a fun, playable game.

  • Marco

    Surely one of the best freeware adventure games.

  • Crazy man

    Not bad.

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