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Bug Adventures Download

  • Genre: Adventure
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Bug Adventures

A 2D platformer adventure game. Walk through a fantasy world collecting tokens and dodging enemies.

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  • Moshboy

    Bug Adventures is an odd platform game - it has potential to be a lot better than it is, if only it was only a lot more polished. At the moment it seems to be the barebones of a reasonably decent game but lacks many features needed to bring it up to speed.

    The graphics are bright, colourful and quite unique in style at times - other times they border on looking amatureish (you can see the white edges, where the enemy sprites have been cut). To be fair, it does look like the graphics have had some effort put into them and the game deserves points for trying. If there is anything the graphics lack most, it is personality. This happens to be a key factor in many games playing successfully and would have helped this game a lot.

    Unfortunately to make things worse, there is no music or sound effects. Even a few sound effects could have helped immensely in making the game more playable. Even after all of this criticism, the game is still playable enough to at least a good few minutes of your time.

    The game play is the best element of the game - the level design is actually quite clever, with each level becoming progressively more challenging than the last. This will at least keep you playing for a little longer than you might think.

    Do I recommend this game? At the moment - no. But it is worth a look. And if more versions are released *hint hint* it may well be worth a much longer look.

  • Mr mike

    Bug Adventures is a 2D platform adventure game. Your task is simply to make it through the levels while collecting as many tokens as you can without getting killed by an enemy or falling into water or off the screen!

    You won't find any introduction stories, menus, options or sound in Bug Adventures, which is rather unfortunate. The game play itself is good and challenging, even frustrating at times. The graphics in Bug Adventures are quite picturesque. The scenery and even the character you play as reminds me somewhat of the first from the Rayman series of games.

    There are 9 different levels in Bug Adventures, unfortunately you cannot save your position so you better be ready to play for a while if you want to finish.

    My verdict on Bug Adventures as mentioned above is that it has good, challenging game play, but without options, save games and sound effects it falls short of what it could be.

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