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A Case Of The Crabs Download

  • Developer: Pinhead Games
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
A Case Of The Crabs

A short, black and white detective story with a few tough puzzles and an enjoyable storyline.

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  • Gohst

    In this game you play as Nick Bounty, a Private Eye who is down on his luck when suddenly a case bursts right through his door! Can you solve the ...Case of the Crabs?

    This is a very cool game; firstly it’s got a great story. Nick is very funny and never stops with his jokes even faced with the danger he gets himself into. The story is well written and plays out quite well, even if it is quite short.

    The graphics are great. They’re black and white which makes the whole detective story into a near film noir, something which I like very much. So that makes the game so much more entertaining, to me.

    As for the actual game, it plays well and is pretty smooth the whole time and some of the puzzles are pretty challenging, and are worth nutting out.

    This game should be enjoyed by film noir fans, fans of detective stories, fans of point and click adventure games… basically a lot of people will enjoy this game. It’s pretty cool, though be warned there are some adult oriented innuendos but on the whole it's pretty free and clear, so enjoy.

  • D. McKinney

    I had an easy time getting started...but, then I got stuck as to what to do after I went to the docks. There are no once you get stuck, you end up just quitting.

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