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Cedric and the Revolution Download

  • Developer: Origami Hero
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Cedric and the Revolution

An exquisitely detailed, puzzling, fun and humorous LucasArts style adventure game.

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  • Gohst

    Have you played a point-and-click adventure game before? If you have, you’ll enjoy this immensely. If not, you’re in for a treat as Cedric and the Revolution is an easy to pick up, quick example of superb game making… and you’ll enjoy it immensely.

    Starting as a humble blacksmiths apprentice on his first day of work, you are immediately told that you’re fired. The King has raised the taxes and the smithy can’t afford to hire you. On the one hand, you could work for free… On the other hand, you could explore the gorgeously lush city surrounds in search of townsfolk with whom to start a revolution with. Needless to say, you choose the latter.

    Throughout the city, you’ll come across various obstacles which will require logical thinking (and the occasional trial-and-error) to solve. In order to rescue a lost monocle, you will employ the use of a bellows and be rewarded with a crab. Said crab is integral in completing another task, which in turn will allow another townie to join your revolt party. Employing the use of cheese, a feather, candles, matches, beans, honey and more you will soon haphazardly fumble your way to success.

    The length of the game is kept fairly brief though don’t confuse length with depth. The characters are all as charming as the dialogue is witty and sharp. The puzzles are infrequently frustrating and the items you need to find may be hidden on corners. Not giving up too easy is the key for this simple, enjoyable and extremely delightful game.

  • Tp

    Very cute and at sometimes hard to navigate game. It was short but sweet with puzzles and mouse controls (a very good plus). Liked it give the date it was released it was good.

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