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  • Developer: the fiendteam
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP

Fiend is an incredible action/adventure game which will keep you busy for days

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  • Fipi

    Fiend as a great adventure game with a horror/mystery theme. You do get to use a gun against monsters, but that's not the main point of the game. It's pretty short, normally only a few hours, but it's fun anyways.

    The other reviewers already said the good points of the game, mainly the great scary atmosphere. I would have given the game a 9 or 10 based on this, except for one thing...

    The control scheme is terrible. The basic idea for the controls is good, but the problem is there are no shortcut keys for things like reloading or taking medicine flasks to heal yourself. You have to go into your inventory to do everything. This wouldn't be so bad if the game paused when in the inventory, but this is not the case. So if you run out of bullets or get low on health when you're fighting a monster, you're pretty much done for.

    If you ever get stuck and need a walkthough here's one: (at the bottom on the right sidebar). But I advise you to use the walkthough only when you're completely and hopelessly stuck, because half the fun of this game is figuring out what to do next!

  • Rekall

    Fiend is similar in many ways to games such as Resident Evil and Alone in the Dark in that the game is a mixture of action and adventure.

    You will have to guide your character through this epic adventure whilst exploring different locations, gaining information from books and interacting with various people.

    As you can see in the screenshot, the game is from a bird’s eye perspective and the game seems reminiscent of the earlier Ultima games.

    Fiend masterfully blends the aspects of adventure and action gaming into what is a work of freeware art.

    You can find a walkthrough for Fiend on the developer's site.

  • K-13

    I always believe that atmosphere is something very important to a game (freeware or not), and in that section Fiend is perfect! It also has very good action/adventure elements and the on-top view is a nice difference from other same-style games! It is a very short game though (it took me 2-3 hours to finish it) but you can find an editor on the Fiend site!

  • Alex

    This game is incredibly horrifying and fun! I can't believe this is a freeware game. It can be scary at times so this is not for the "weak willed." It combines the aspects of shooter, RPG, and adventure games. This is a must download!

  • TSA

    I like this game, it is very much like Resident Evil with an overhead view. If you like adventure or action games, "Fiend" is for you.

  • Do not ask

    It is perfect. I love it. Cool game play. Story mode is great.

  • Mick

    Kept me busy for days.

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