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GunBound Download

  • Developer: softnyx
  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
  • Tags: Fantasy, Massively Multiplayer

Action game similar to worms

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  • SpiriT

    The graphics are really cute and interesting but the maps are quite limited. The strangers you meet online are most of the time quite vulgar and rude. If you are on the team of strangers and when you are horrible at aiming, you will always get scolded by your team members and you will get seriously mad. Sometimes, someones' computer lags which causes everyone not to be able to play the game. If you are playing with a large number of people (say about seven other players), you will have to wait a long time for your turn. This will cause one to get extremely impatient. The avatars are too expensive. The mobiles and its attacks are quite limited. You will take a long time before you are very familiar of how to control every single mobile very well. Aiming properly also requires a great amount of skill. You have to take note of the wind and what kind of mobile you are using which might be strong in attacking some other mobiles but weak when attacked by some kinds of mobiles.

    On the other hand, you get to meet new friends. You can also battle with your pals, which is great. Recommended for download if you have nothing better to do.

  • Zero

    GunBound is very similar to Worms except you control a tank called a mobile. There are 16 different mobiles to choose from all of them have a unique type of armor.

    You must plan your strategy carefully for each game. You will get the option to shoot, hide by burying yourself in the ground or hiding in a bunker.

    Each level generates a different type of atmosphere which alters the gravity, making you have to adjust your shooting habits.

    Before you start you must select your tank and dress your avatar in your choice of clothing. The better you are dressed the more pleased the crowd gets so you will earn more points.

    Killing everyone in the game doesn’t mean you will automatically have the highest number of points.

    GunBound has great graphics, sound and some nice backgrounds.

  • Lazarus

    Gunbound is not a game for the weak minded. Most people don't enjoy this game because it requires preception and timing skills.

    Vast, fun, awesome graphics; It's the best out there. Almost all of the players are nice and are willing to help out a n00b in need.

    You don't have to actually have to pay money for items, it's just optional. If you like MMO-Anythings with nice people, long hours of fun, and some actual skills, try Gunbound.

  • Deadbolt2k5

    Difficult for new people, but people online are friendly enough to help. The controls are difficult at first (takes a little while to get used to), other than that the sound is great, graphics are great, and playing with friends you know is awesome

  • GunSmoke

    This game is bad. You gotta pay for points to dress your avatar and the website is in Japanese. When i click to join a server, the hole game crashes. It's a horrible game, but the graphics are the best.

  • Sour Power

    I would give it 90% since the Graphics, sound, background and gameplay are awesome! The only fault is that the instructions aren't that clear so a new comer might have trouble in the begining.

  • Pajama

    This is an awesome game. It’s addictive and everyone is really nice about everything. Newbies are not treated horribly unlike most games. And the best part is that this is free!

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