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Kings Quest 1 v2.0 Download

  • Developer: agd interactive
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Kings Quest 1 v2.0

A remake of the classic Sierra game

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  • Anonymous

    Has all the elements of the old game with some variations of how to
    do things

    #1 complaint is no text in interface wich reduces the thinking aspect
    and the number pad does not function, except in the second remake
    wich was redone i believe by another developer.
    The original still works better, though the new one does have
    amazing graphics rather than the 8bit mono pc speaker sound with

    Overall i gave it a 8.5 only because it was missing the interface
    other than that it was brilliantly made and is wonderful, and to kids
    i would say it was easier, though i played kq1 as a kid and did just fine, this is a click friendly generation so i figure it'll do great for them.

  • Kurniawan

    This is a good game if you like storyline driven games but don't care about the quality of graphics. I found amusement in the storyline. This game is very disappointing if you want good graphics. DO NOT download if you want good graphics. It's a MUST DOWNLOAD if you want to play nostalgic, mystery, classic type games.

  • Zero

    Kings Quest 1 Remake is brought to you by a group called Tierra who remake old classic Sierra games. Kings Quest 1 is one of the great adventure games in which you must journey through many lands and solve many puzzles.

    The music and speech add on can be downloaded from the creators site.


    I love this game, I played the original sierra game and fell in love with it. I was very impressed with the remake of this marvellous achievement...

  • Michael W

    Good graph, great sound but missing the text command prompt =(.

  • D-Rock

    Kings Quest rules! The remake version is well done.

  • Crazy man

    Who ever made this game deserves an award.

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