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A Knight's Pursuit I Download

  • Developer: buloght
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
A Knight's Pursuit I

A short medieval-themed adventure game which takes place in one room.

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  • Gohst

    In "A Knight's Pursuit I" you play as a knight who wakes one morning on request to see the king. This cannot be done without your robe (in a locked chest) and your trusty squire (asleep on a cupboard). Can you overcome these obstacles in order to go see the king?

    Although the game is short (perhaps ten minutes) there are some nice touches in the game. Firstly, it's not difficult and the limited objects in the small setting means there aren't a thousand strange options. Each piece of the puzzle is solved liniarilly and with little effort, making this perfect for beginners or children.

    The humour is brief - with the short about of story there isn't much time for jokes - but its there. For example, playing as the knight KickedinthebehindwhenIwaslittlealot Breddincaptivity IV (or 'Sir Bredd' for short) is a nice little addition to the game.

    Although the game is relatively easy, there are a few red herring scattered around, for example, the paintings never do anything. Although they enrich the knight's world slightly, they don't amount to any substantial benefit to the game. In all, it is what it is, and makes a good job of it. Enjoy.

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