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Knytt Stories Download

  • Developer: Nifflas
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Knytt Stories

The brand new “sequel” to Knytt comes with expansive areas, beautiful graphics and a complete, fully functional level editor.

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  • Gohst

    Yes, Nifflas has done it again, the author of Within a Deep Forest and Knytt has just released a new game, Knytt Stories and boy, is it ever a game and a half.

    Firstly the game seems muddier than the original – a bit slower, then the reason becomes clear. As opposed to Knytt, with its hero who could just climb walls, no questions asked, this version is about a girl (well, the default level is) and she can’t climb walls, or jump high or run… until she collects the required powerup.

    The story of Knytt Stories is that a horrible machine somewhere is sucking the life out of the once beautiful home land of these creatures. Somehow, the girl character has to shut it off and restore beauty to the gloomy, overridden land. Such a task is not a simple one and it will take patience, diligence, a keen eye and a whole lot of exploring to accomplish.

    Clocking in at around two or three hours, the game itself does not last an overly long time, but the thing is, it doesn’t need to. Included with the game is a massively customizable level editor which gives you free reign over every aspect of a level you can create. The size of it, the look of it, the music and ambient sounds are all changeable and manageable to just how you see fit. Then, of course, share your levels with the world. Some are available already from Nifflas’ official site.

    For dial-up users, yes, it’s a pretty hefty download, but what you get is a completely immersive world in which you are the controller. The game has literally boundless capabilities and levels will no doubt continue to be made for a long time by the communities around, which extends the game play immeasurably. For the rest of us who can download it in a snap – don’t hesitate to do so, for exactly the same reasons as posted above. Knytt Stories is a fantastic game and is not one to hesitate downloading.

  • overmann's picture

    The cutest game I've ever played.
    A little fun adventure game that is fun to see, hear and of course, play.

    the beautiful graphics can only be matched by the soundtrack, which is absolute ambient stuff that somehow feels like cleans your ears as you hear it.

    the scenery is stimulating for the eyes and everything is as smooth as a 2D game can get.

    the menus and gameplay mechanics are simplistic, you run, jump and aquire items that enhance your abilities, like wall climbing, high jumps, an umbrella to reach distant cliffs from a certain altitude and an interesting stealth item that becomes crucial in your adventure.

    speaking of stealth, this is not a sneaking game but you have no means to kill your enemies, you'll have to evade and learn enemy patterns to survive each area, this is most rewarding and you'll never see a stage that re-uses textures or particle effects. every level is seamlessly attached to the next stage and successfully arranges an incredible open world for you to explore.

    the best example of 2D adventure the freeware scene has to offer, the short longevity and the easier than easy difficulty are the only downsides of this game, it just makes you wish there was more to see.

    don't forget to download the unnofficial expansion packs, some of them are hard and better than the download featured here on acid-play.

  • Shadowfox952

    The game is quite linear and easy, if not too easy. The plot is mediocre, and the ending is quite boring, but it was a decent hour of play time. The game deserves an 85, but the level editor boosts that up to maybe a 93. I don't regret playing it, but it wasn't nearly as good as some others like Cave Story, which was much more intricate.

  • BlueCheer

    And, um, its not extremely short - its actually an infinite amount of gaming. Because this game is almost completely based on the level editor (for other peoples levels go to the Knytt forum).

  • Aaroneous

    Although everything is small, the sound, graphics, and character were very interesting and well developed in my opinion. I enjoyed playing this game.

  • Anonymous

    it is awsome

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