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Larry Vales 2:Dead girls are easy Download

  • Genre: Adventure
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Larry Vales 2:Dead girls are easy

The much improved sequel to the original Larry Vales: Traffic Division

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  • Rekall

    Once again powered by the ever popular AGS engine, Larry Vales 2:Dead Girls are easy, continues in Larry's pointless existence as a washed out traffic officer.

    As Larry, you are on the brink of losing your job, your girlfriend has just been pushed out a motel window and to top it off your car won't start.

    The puzzles are bizarre but are very enjoyable and the graphics have improved ten fold since this titles predecessor, Larry Vales: Traffic Division.

    All in all, Pitchfork Productions are coming along nicely and I eagerly await the completion of the next Larry Vales instalment.

  • Dragonspawn (yep its me a

    A really good point 'n click adventure. The graphics aren't very good but the extreme amount of humour and the fun puzzles make up for it (I never really care about the graphics anyway, if the games good enough.)

  • Balthazar

    This is a really cool game.

    Having played the first Larry Vales game, you can see how the graphics have come along.

  • MacDervish

    Spectacular AGS game!

    Larry Vales 2 looks a lot better than the first game and the puzzles are more fun.

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