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  • Developer: ville mönkkönen
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP

You have crash landed on an alien planet. Can you survive?

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  • Clockwork Beast

    Once in a while, a game comes along on the Internet and drops a bomb on standards. Notrium has done just that.

    To start it off, the visuals are gorgeous. From the bloody carcasses of fallen foes, to the lush vegetation, everything fits together perfectly. Weapon effects, flames, and rain all add their own flawless appearance to the mix, immersing you in a darkly beautiful world which actually experiences time shifts between night and day. I have found myself occasionally (once I am heavily armed enough to do so) making aimless forays out into the world just to admire it, and to pick up useful gadgets or items I might find along the way.

    But the greatest achievement in the graphics department, and in the game itself, has to be the random generation. Although there are some set constants, such as the start point, and certain special locations, the placement of every single object, whether it be edible fungus, trees, wrecks, or useful materials, is different every time you hit ‘new game’. Ville Monkkonen has done an outstanding job on the environment, and has succeeded in creating a living, breathing world which fully encompasses you in the lonely, desperate role of a stranded Marine.

    A fancy-looking game is no good if the actual mechanics don’t hold up, but Notrium’s gameplay is far more than competent, reaching out its sinister claws towards utter perfection. Once you learn the hotkeys and general control system, there is absolutely no confusion, no aggravation, no remembering that you are actually seated at a keyboard staring at a screen. Very few games have actually succeeded in performing this feat of total emersion, but many of them were commercially released. Notrium is 100% glorious freeware, with all the wild, free inventive spirit that has kept the indie game designers out there as their own fierce breed, apart from the slow, lumbering, half-domesticated corporate giants.

    Notrium is filled with chilling moments as you hear the soft, crackling footsteps of your enemies stalking you from the darkness. Suspense is what the plot is all about, and Ville has juiced the storyline to the limit to produce a truly stunning adventure. Every second of play demands that you be alert, and never once will you become bored. You’ll be dead before that. The enemies are fast, smart, and deadly, and will chase you until they are either an oozing mass of flesh or unable to reach you.

    I must truly say that there is no better use of 10 megabytes on your computer. Were you to download only 3 games in your lifetime, Notrium would have to be one of them. Amazing inventive mods, never-ending adventure, atmospheric music, and creepy sound effects combine to form a pulse-pounding adventure that provides many hours of immortal gameplay and entertainment.

    Enjoy Notrium for all it's worth.

    Note: Visit Ville's homepage for Notrium mods and new versions of the game.

  • Rekall

    Notrium is a fantastic real-time single player survival game. You have crash-landed on an alien filled planet and you have to survive against the elements, hungry aliens and every other danger this cruel alien world can throw at you.

    You will be immersed in a colourful landscape littered with wrecked space ships, which have also crashed on this world teaming with aliens. You will have to improvise with what you can salvage from your ship and what you can find on the planet surface to make gadgets in order to survive.

    You have the ability to combine items to make devices such as weapons, food generators, battery chargers and gun turrets to fend off hungry aliens. You will have to find shelter from acid rain and the scorching sun during the day, and build fires at night to fend off the freezing cold.

    There are many different ways to complete the game, which makes it very re-playable.

    This is just another example of expert freeware programming. This game has had a lot of time and energy devoted to its development and it certainly shows. Notrium also won 2nd place at the "Game Tunnel Independent Game Of The Year" awards, and is the only contestant to have made his game freeware. Now that's what freeware gaming is all about!

    No one will be disappointed with this game. I give it three thumbs up!

  • Chris

    I have searched the Internet for new and interesting games, and it is hard to find a high quality freeware RPG, but this is it!

    Notrium is a survival game set on an alien planet that you crash landed your escape pod on after a missile attack on your ship. On the planet you must collect parts from fallen ships to make devices you need to survive; like weapons, power generators, Vehicles, and a means of escaping the planet. There are aliens everywhere that would love to eat you so be careful. The game also has realistic character features like heat-stroke in hot areas and hunger. In the game you have four main bars: your health bar, your temperature bar, your hunger bar, and your electric energy bar. In the game you can make some cool weapons to hunt the aliens on the planet with; you can make all of the following and more:
    laser pistol
    laser turret

    Hunt the brown aliens for food, the blue ones don't have much meat.

    You can play four different characters, each with their own unique features:

  • Kaac

    Best time I've had in years! The environment is randomly generated, so you never know where to find anything and your survival is based completely on luck. This makes the game special in my eyes. You may find all the items you need to make a powerful weapon in one area, but you may have to look for the parts all over Notrium with five aliens on your tail!

    It's also a game where the difference between easy and difficult is quite noticeable. At "easy" there is obviously more food, healing, electric plants and gadget parts around, less aliens and a noticeably "tougher" health bar.

  • Kitchingman

    This game ROCKS! I think everyone should download it. This has to be one of the best freeware games ever! Notrium has great graphics, great stroyline and great gameplay.

  • DonT kNoW

    Excellent game, it's a must have!

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