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Ozzie and the Quantum Playwright Download

  • Genre: Adventure
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
  • Tags: Point And Click
Ozzie and the Quantum Playwright

Help Ozzie save the Theatre Department and his union with Rose.

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  • Rekall

    In Ozzie and the Quantum Playwright, you play (you guessed it) Ozzie, an undergraduate student at the University of Greater Rockford.

    The University president has declared that the Theatre Dept is going to be closed to make way for a new accounting library.

    The worst part is that your girlfriend, Rose is a Theatre major and if the Theatre Dept gets closed then she will be forced to transfer to another University.

    Are you going to stand for this?
    Hell No!

    Help Ozzie save the Theatre Department and his union with Rose.

    I am so glad that AGAST was written because now there are more EXCELLENT freeware adventure games than you can shake a stick at.

    Ozzie and the Quantum Playwright is really one of the AGAST success stories.

    The game uses the AGAST engine to it’s fullest and much time has been spent on the artwork in this game. The characters, backgrounds and action icons are smooth and clear.

    I absolutely loved this game.

  • Tyler

    This entire game is a parody of the academic culture at the University of South Florida. Most of the clever jokes would sail completely over the head of someone not enrolled at the school or someone enrolled after 2004. The construction of new residence halls with constantly postponed completion dates, deadly food and a plaza devoted to George Washington Carver are just a few examples.

    My friend's older brother is a former USF grad and is even featured in the game. He worked in the basement of the arts building on synthesizers.

  • Matt

    Overall, this game was a bit disappointing, which is a shame because a lot of effort clearly went into it.

  • Crazy man

    Not very fun.

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