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Plasma Pong Download

  • Developer: Steve Taylor
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
  • Tags: Arcade, Classic, Free, Plasma Pong, Pong
Plasma Pong

Plasma Pong is a twisted take on the classic "Pong". With exciting music and colorful, fluid backgrounds, this game adds inventive flavor to what was once a gaming sensation.

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  • Bellasana's picture

    Have you ever wondered what Pong would look like if it took Acid? I think everyone has at some point. Well, wonder no more and start playing Plasma Pong. There’s no better way to jazz up the repetitive classic than with epic music and trippy, lava-lamp-like backgrounds.

    This game had me mesmerized. You begin with ten lives and against a rather simple computer opponent. But once you hit the tiny ball past your opponent a couple of times, and level up, the game gets weirder. And more like Woodstock.

    You control your paddle with the mouse. But you can also left click to shoot a plasma-like goo that lights up against the background to control the ball and push it back towards your opponent. You can even try and manipulate the ball as it’s over on your opponent’s side of the screen. But the computer will use this same trick against you and, pretty soon, the screen becomes an explosion of color.

    The heroic music makes you feel as if you’re fighting some great battle. The music and background combined would make for a wonderful screen-saver. Perhaps it’s all some ploy to distract you while the A.I. paddles the ball past you. While the game is almost as simple as the classic it’s meant to mirror, Plasma Pong adds some new twists that are at least entertaining. You’ll be wearing tie-dyed T-shirts in no time.

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