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Qbert Download

  • Developer: Geeky Dads Software
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows, Windows 95-98, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
  • Tags: Arcade, Free, Qbert

Qbert is the famous game of the 1980s in which you control Qbert, a fuzzy guy with a big snout. Your goal is to change the tops of all the cubes creating the pyramid below you into a specific color. Go through different levels, face Qbert's nemesis and more.

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  • Bellasana's picture

    Qbert is a classic. Yes, this is the original game, with the same furry, adorable Qbert we’ve come to know. There is no menu screen, no tutorials; but who doesn’t know how to play this old, addicting game?

    As the large-snouted Qbert, you jump down a pyramid of tiles. Once you hop on a tile, it changes color. For the first level, you simply need to change all tiles to that one color. As you progress to level two, you must go over the tiles twice to achieve the desired color. The top, left screen displays two arrows pointing to the colored tile you must attain. But it isn’t all that easy; there are enemies that attempt to change the tiles you’ve already changed back to their original coil. And, don’t forget about Qbert’s arch-nemesis, the bouncing coil.

    The 8-bit music is just as fitting and memorable as ever. Grading this game by today’s standards, Qbert is repetitive and mind-numbing. But by the standards of the early 1980s? Amazingly colorful, creative and, most of all, habit-forming. This is a simple, quick download that those ripe for nostalgia won’t regret.

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