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Stick Man Download

  • Developer: Venestech
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Stick Man

The Adventures of a stick man

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  • Zero

    If you played and enjoyed the game Stick Soldiers don’t be expecting the same for Stick Man.

    Stick man was created in Klick and Play, using all its default graphics. Which I must say are not of a high quality.

    The plot behind this game is that your family was killed by some weird creature; I think it was half dog, half fish, half worm. Anyway, now you are running around, what looks like a castle collecting keys in order to open the door at the end of the level.

    Controlling your stick man can become quite annoying. Like climbing up a ladder and suddenly falling off the other side of it.

    But every game deserves a slight chance, so give it a try if you have nothing to do.

  • Visual C#

    I liked this game a little, but it sucked on some parts such as:

    -The vehicle levels were boring
    -The control was weird
    -The game was messed up on the sub level (but I fixed it with TGF - I now use Visual C# obviously)
    -The end sucked

    It was entertaining otherwise at least for something like Click and Play.

  • Judginator

    This game is one of the worst games I have ever played. I have klick and play myself and can whip up games ten times as good in fifteen minutes.

    If I could rate it lower than 10% I would have. Don't download this game.

  • Game FREAK

    All of the other people that wrote reviews must have been being nice. This game is horrible and it should be a law that you are not allowed to play it. I can make better graphics in paint.

  • Anonymous

    Who would play this cruddy game and enjoy it? The art stinks, gameplay sucks, overall this game sucks. It just does!

  • Unherd Of

    Horrible game. Most games in Klick 'n Play are bad, but this is the worst.

  • Alan

    This game is so bad I had to stop playing my computer for a week!

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