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Teen Agent Download

  • Developer: metropolis software
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
  • Tags: Point And Click
Teen Agent

A fun point and click adventure

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  • Rekall

    A large amount of gold has just been stolen from the MEGA Bank. No one can solve the mystery of who stole the money even with the government’s finest agents on the case.

    Out of sheer desperation the government consulted a fortuneteller who told them your name, saying that you were the one to solve the case.

    You, a typical teenage boy who has never done anything like this in his life has to now track the criminals who stole all the gold down.

    This game was first published as shareware in 1994, but was made freeware in 1999 due to outdated graphics.

    The game is a fun point and click romp.

  • Elf Wizard

    This (ex-commercial, now went freeware) DOS adventure game, wrote his page in history of adventure games! I couldn't setup the sound (under WinXP), but I am still suggesting it, if you like old-school adventure games. Good (not very difficult) plot and puzzles and excellent sense of humour!


  • Pelu

    Teen Agent was one of my first games before entering the adventures point and click games, and the best. I play good games like Permanent Daylight, That Night Before, etc. but nothing compares to Teen Agent. It's amazing!

  • Musy

    This game sucks! I hate it because the story is too slow and it nearly takes an hour to finish! and you can't skip it!

  • Christie

    Funky, ultra cool for undercover fans. So check out this cool game for hot surprises!

  • Jones

    This is THE game. It is so sweet!

  • Anonymous

    This game is fun!

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