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Treasure Hunter Man Download

  • Developer: Origami Hero
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Treasure Hunter Man

Visit the last largely unexplored island in this slick, high quality, stylish platformer.

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  • Gohst

    In the aptly named Treasure Hunter Man, you play as a small fry named Marvin whose goal is to make it big on the island of Kruz. Talking, exploring and above all collecting treasure is the order of the day in this fantastically styled platformer.

    Beginning as a newcomer - a nobody to the island - you quickly find your position as the islanders have little in the way of patience for you. By the time you've left the first screen, you've gathered a sword and an arch-enemy (because you stabbed him with the sword) which sets a humorous tone as the story begins to unfold.

    Along the way, you'll encounter strange enemies in bizarre situations along with various weapons for dispatching them, for example, the boomerang. As you defeat certain enemies, you are given extra abilities like running, gliding etc. to aide exploration.

    It is a fantastic little game, in all. The humor is right there, the story is delightfully strange, the graphics are superb and overall, it's a top notch download and comes highly recommended.

  • Anonymous

    very much re-playable since you need to go back in search of hidden treasures (hence, the treasure hunter man).

    although, i haven't fully beaten this game yet. i'm still not getting "the real ending." has anyone seen the real ending to this game?? HELP

  • Dibs333

    This game is brilliant!!! I wud recommend this 2 any of my friends.
    It is puzzling yet addictive I hope u will download this game and have as much fun as i did!

  • Anonymous

    pretty cool little game i like it

  • Anonymous

    great game

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