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An Untitled Story Download

  • Developer: Matt Thorson
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
An Untitled Story

From creator of Jumper! and its sequels comes the expansive world of Untitled Story.

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  • Anonymous

    Aside from the comment about the size, lets review some of the classic rating area of this game:

    Gameplay: This game has excellent platform/RPG gameplay that progresses through the levels as you get more abilities. There are lots of unique elements as well, such as mini sokoban puzzles that you can do to open hidden chests and the like. Without giving any more away, I have to say that the gameplay is great, although not 100% original, what platformer is? The storyline also rocks... although it's difficult to find out at first and there isn't a lot of dialogue. 9/10 for Gameplay

    Graphics: Definitely old school. I'm not sure what resolution this game has, but in windowed mode it takes about 1/16 of my screen. Which is why the author included a fullscreen option. The graphics are comepletely functional and nice in their own way (yeah, the 8-bit-world way) but I wouldn't call them great. 7/10 for Graphics

    Sound: Fully functional sound effects contribute a lot to this game (you gotta love the big yellow guy at the store) but the background music rocks. Not literally, but it's pretty good stuff, comparable to Cave Story (which you need to get if you haven't already, btw) It would have been nice if the author included some way of downloading the soundtrack so I could listen to it while doing low-key things like writing reviews. And if you don't like it, turn it off and use iTunes or Media Player, this game won't take up a fraction of your processor. 9/10 for Sound

    Overall: The author definitely put a lot of work into making this game, with plenty of secrets, original content, doodads, etc. The aspect that most impressed me was the SIZE of the map. When I collected enough to fight the final boss, I had explored less than half the map! Get this game if you are at all into exploring or platformers. Consider this game if you aren't. It might convert you. 9/10 Overall

  • Gohst

    Back when I was researching for the Jumper Two and Jumper Redux reviews (sequels of the excellent Jumper!), I was excited to hear the developer was working on a new game to be called An Untitled Story. Dissapointment set in when I realised it would be shareware. Fortunately, it has since been re-released as freeware! Hooray!

    What you get is a massive Knytt-like world where the exploration of those games are mixed in with the platform jumping madness of Jumper! - put simply its amazing. From the blocky, chunky graphics to the small inhabitants of the world, through to the puzzles, strange bosses and free range exploration galore you are completely entranced.

    There is no particular path to take through the game and as such exploration is the key. If you can't reach a part, go somewhere else. No instructions bother you. The egg character you play has an indestructible shell and the ability to upgrade. Should you decide to double-jump; jump higher; gain the ability to jump off red sparks; all of these affect how you explore.

    I have no idea what happens in the end, or how long it will take to get there. That's not important. The goals in this game are there but can be shirked in favour of further exploration. Its truly an amazing experience and we thank Mr. Thorson for making it free. Bravo.

  • Ryugen

    This game is something very rare among freeware games. While it may skimp on extravagant graphics, the entire rest of the game has gotten a lot of attention. The physics in this game are masterful, and while unrealistic, have that retro feel of a perfect amount of air control combined with decent friction.

    The areas in this game are also well thought out and running around the gameworld is enjoyable as well as challenging. There are also a huge volume of them and this provides hours of entertainment. The graphics of the gameworld may not be first rate, but they give the game character, and there's enough variety in them to keep them interesting and to keep the player looking around.

    The game has many little considerations put into it, there's more to it than jumping. The minigames and progressive storyline hidden in there is a great plus as well. There are objectives and obstacles that can all be overcome in different ways. Heck, you can even own a house and kit it out with items if you want to! The minigames add another interesting element to it and make it even more enjoyable.

    If you are unable to get somewhere, go elsewhere and defeat a boss to get new abilities and see if you can get there later. Retracing your steps and finding places you couldn't get to before is highly beneficial. After you hatch out of your egg, the game only gets more interesting, although hatching isn't as easily done ;)

  • Www.playjamesga...

    Spectacular, vast, and addicting define this game. From the whole idea, to the small creations is just about perfect! To add to some of the previous reviews:
    I see that graphics as awesome, just because they are not super quality doesn't mean they can't be awesome. I believe the style of them suit the game perfectly.
    Also, now, if you go to the creators site, you can find the catchy music for download!

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