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  • Zero

    Cow Abductor is a really well made 3D arcade game that won 3rd place in the Alienware competition held in 2003.

    The object of the game, depending on which mode you selected, is to abduct or shoot as many cows as possible in a period of time using your UFO. The more cows you get, the more points you receive and obviously each level will contain more and more cows.

    There are tons of power-ups to be collected during each level. Just a few of these include, speeding up your spaceship, slowing down time, shrinking or enlarging the cows, making the cows sleep, and many many more.

    Below your space ship is a crosshair which you use to aim at the cows. To abduct a cow you must hover over it and keep hitting space bar until the cow is aboard your UFO. To get a power up, just fly over the question marks that appear.

    In the one mode of play you can lift the cow up to your space ship, release it, and watch it explode as it hits the ground.

    Cow Abductor has excellent graphics, interesting cow sounds and brilliant game play.

  • Evil Wraith

    Hey man, this game really kicks ass! You don't believe me? Go ahead, check it out and you'll see... Well, it seems a bit boring in the beginning 'cause you always do the same thing, stealin' cows or blasting them to bits.

    But it gets harder in time and you can choose from three game modes in which you either abduct the cows and shoot enemies or run postal on anything and everything that crosses the screen. Loads of fun!

  • Catman

    This is a really fun little game!

    On a sickening note, it is possible to lift up the cows and then move while the cow is still in mid-air. You can then release the cow from your tractor beam to "throw" it away. Try and see if you can hit any other cows with that one.