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I Wanna Be The Guy Download

  • Developer: Kayin Nasaki
  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
I Wanna Be The Guy

Don't click this link. Don't play this game. It is way, way too hard to play.

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  • Jim109109

    When playing this game, words which will pop into your head are likely to be "why!?" and "what the f***". This is by far the hardest game I have yet to try, expect to die at least 300 times before making it past the Tetris part (if you EVER make it to the Tetris part). You get a weak buzz after passing every impossible screen, and you want to pass the next one for that same sense of satisfaction. You can waste hours on a single hard part. You can pass several hard parts only to discover that you are at a dead end, and that you have taken the wrong path. These things will make you want to smash your PC to pieces with a sledgehammer. What makes the game even more maddening is the fact that it bugs at least once per half hour, closing by itself. This way you could be halfway through a nearly impossible part, and suddenly the game bugs unexpectedly.

    If this game is so addictive, however, it must do SOMETHING right. Below is a detailed overview of the game, IGN style.

    Presentation: 5
    Simple menus, a story that doesn't make any sense but makes you want to be THE GUY for some odd reason.
    Graphics: 8
    As far as a platformer goes I'm pleased with the graphics. They are clean and well animated, also containing sprites from other games.
    Sound: 9
    Includes epic music from Tetris, Kirby's Dream Land, Super Mario etc. which I really liked. The death music will drive you crazy since you will hear it so often.
    Gameplay: 2
    The screens and puzzles are really well made, and well thought out. If this game was easier it would easily have scored an 8. This is probably why it's so addictive. HOWEVER THE DIFFICULTY MAKES ME WANT TO SCREAM.
    Lasting Appeal: 10
    It WILL keep you addicted, trust me, and since beating it is nearly impossible this game will last a long time.
    Overall (not an average): 7

  • Gohst

    This game describes itself as "The game where everything kills you. Even the moon." now if that's not incentive to stay away from what is obviously a punishing game, then what is?

    Actually, the game isn't something to stay away from, it is very very addictive. Imagine a world where Jumper! is easy. This game is that kind of hard.

    The story - it has nothing to do with the game - but it is there and it rumbles under the parts of your brain which make sensible decisions. When you die again, and again, and again... and again and again (that's an understatement) you'll think "but - I wanna be the Guy" and you will try again, ad infinitum.

    If you have a short attention span, or have difficulty controlling bursts of anger triggered by an unexplainable and sudden death in a game - where you thought success would lurk - then stay well away. If you want a laugh and a look at the game every reviewer calls the hardest indie game ever, then by all means, play away.

  • Timothy

    This game was all around spectacular. I haven't had a single dull moment playing this game, and I'll probably be playing it for the next ten years until I finally beat it, for it's true, this game is incredibly hard to beat. I used the youtube videos of people actually beating it as a walkthrough of sorts to help me figure out what to do. There are many ways to play this game, and I think you have to start by being omniscient, or you won't be able to win; it's that hard.

  • Anonymous

    DONT play this game

    ok i may be an anonymus user but seriously
    if you get mad at missing jumps playing any mario game whatsoever

    most people wont get past he first three screens
    i know i didnt

    most people have lives
    people who beat this game dont

    if you are a person who has 5 hours a day to devote to nothing
    then download this

    if you are a whiny 7 year old who cant stand losing
    hit back now and save yourself some frustration

  • Anonymous

    this game makes me cry. it will kill you to even play because each part is near impossible. for some reason you still want to play, although it sucks so horribly. you have a gun which nearly proves to be useless and you're a super idiot. the whole game is so predictable with spikes and a bunch of other impossible situations. don't play this. It makes me want to poop on it.

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