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T2002 Download

  • Developer: Pekaro Software
  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP

Excellent Turrican remake that may even impress those who never played the original.

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  • Moshboy

    I’m not sure if anyone remembers Turrican back in the days of the Amiga. For those who do, T2002 is a classic remake of this game that has huge levels, lots of power-ups and classy graphics and sound. The original Turrican was considered a classic side-scrolling shoot ‘em up, in which you had to explore vast levels, all the while collecting power-ups and shooting the constant onslaught of enemies that attacked you. There is never a moment to spare as with each new inch of territory you explore comes a new enemy to kill.

    One of the aspects that made Turrican such a classic was the graphics and music, and this remake does not let you down in that department. The graphics are very faithful to the original, while the level design and music are very much in its spirit. The levels are so large that you really do feel as if you are exploring a new world, unlike most games in which you feel as if you have one straight path right through the game. This is something that made the original Turrican so unique.

    The game play is as fast and furious as you could want a platform shooter to be, with enemies attacking you from all sides that quickly diminishing your energy and many power-ups to help you out. Did I mention this game wasn’t easy? Ok. Now I did. Hardcore action fans will love this.

    There are not an awful lot of finished Turrican remakes out there, so it is nice to see that this one is so classy. This is not only for fans of the original – any action fan should try this out. Thumbs up.

  • Jo.Black

    The game play is very good, it will be a little bit ruff in the later levels but, so what. The sound is excellent, though if you download the mp3 version, it is better. The other one stutters sometimes.


  • Anonomous

    This game sucks big time. It is so slow, that the guy takes a step every 5 seconds. Enemies are worse yet. Don't download this game unless you have the patience to play it.


    This game is too hard. It has too many enemies. I like to play Mario instead.

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