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A small screened, but fun space based shoot 'em up. With three types of ships.

  • Genre: Action

The Complex

Using the power of magnets, attempt to escape a heavily guarded facility.

  • Genre: Action

BIB2 - The 2nd Syndrome

A Japanese shooter with an exceptionally strong focus on boss battles.

  • Genre: Action

Mario Games 1.0

Mario Games 1.0 is a simple platformer in which you, as Mario, seek to achieve high scores by stomping gumbas, Koopa shells and collecting coins. If your score is high enough, you have the option of posting it to Softendo's leader boards online. Use unique strategies through three levels to rack up points.

  • Genre: Arcade, Other
  • Tags: Free, Mario

Line Rider Desktop Edition

Line Rider is a unique and simple game in which players draw lines to guide a stick figure across a blank screen.

  • Genre: Other
  • Tags: Free, Line Rider