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Dr. Doc

Collect and mix ingredients for potions in order to cure the sick, mutated Fufflers.

  • Genre: Arcade

A Knight's Pursuit I

A short medieval-themed adventure game which takes place in one room.

  • Genre: Adventure


A nice chunky, pixelated game which simulates deep sea exploration.

  • Genre: Other
  • Tags: Retro

Arcade Sniper

Arcade Sniper is a 2-D shooter in which you pilot the X-wing Sniper and fight to keep the evil, alien boss Obliterator from destroying Earth. Earn bonuses, upgrade your weapons and face various enemies in this seemingly upgraded version of the arcade classic Galaga.

  • Genre: Adventure, Arcade
  • Tags: Arcade, Free, Sniper, Softendo

Zelda Forever

Zelda Forever combines many familiar elements of the original series with new, simple game play in colorful graphics. Join Link in his quest to once again save Princess Zelda as you wind through a map of various levels requiring multiple strategies.

  • Genre: Adventure, Puzzle
  • Tags: Adventure Games, Free, Puzzles Games, Zelda, Zelda Forever